How You’re Distracted in Blogging (and What to Do about It)

Uncertainty, you’ve been distracted by your surrounding, which makes you have obesity about blogging.

You want to blog, write articles, but you’re not able to find a topic to lay down.

You want to promote your articles, but being distracted with the social networking friends.

You want to rank higher, and you set-off for building links but get bored out of it.

You are just going on opening the social networking sites to check for latest updates, or messages either.

You’ve targeted, planned, and recruited your goals yet got unsuccessful.

Sounds familiar, ain’t it?

…and the truth, sour truth is, you’ve been distracted.

More-or-less, you’ve no more passion and that desire of growing your blog as of now. You’ve a vivid thought of what it’s going to be certainly if you’re not blogging for a while. Yet,

although by being aware of, you’re not able executing the things you’ve actually planned of.

And if you’re blogging for a while, you should know that if you want to survive you’ve to write as because the primary thing which we, bloggers, need to execute is writing articles, to engage readers.

Might it not be 7 articles weekly, nor even 4, but even 2 which have potential can make a huge difference.

On contrary, your blog is dead since a week or two.

Fear reloaded…

What would happen, in case if your blog is dead (although, if not).

Duh, what really happened is: You’ve been stucked, and have instilled a fear concern to your blog.

I believe, you’ve been thinking for a while or may be you’re still thinking right now regarding “What is going to be with my blog, will it be able to survive, or re-gain traffic and it’s audiences, or may be it stay dead, unfortunately“.

A number of ideas might roam around your mind, tinkering, and murmuring but still the problem is you’re not able to execute them properly.

You fear, as because you’re being criticized.

Not might it be any outside strangers, but it’s your inner will.

And yet, here’s some bullet-proof consciences that would help you motivating you, your will, and your courage.

Let’s unlock now your real passion, desire, and ambitions of blogging. And perhaps, not for my sake, but yours, do read this article full as of this article would surely help you strengthening your inner-will and courage and yet, in case if any question arises do let me know through comments :)
Although if you don’t want to, do:

Ever heard about Seth Godin?

(Yes, you do)

He says “I don’t believe in Writer’s block, as there isn’t anything like so”. And when you ask him why, he’d have given a short and simple answer: If you’re able to talk, you’d be able to write.

And perhaps, one of the most mesmerizing thing is- He writes 16 hour a day.

Isn’t it fascinating?

Let’s share with you a secret of writers. Ever wondered why writers easily pick topics and end up with 1000 words or even lengthier?


Well, you’ve heard about this many, many, and many a times and it’s crystal clear strategy for the writers.

What makes a man successful is practice, and there’s a beautiful proverb “Practice makes one self perfect”.

The difference between a writer and a great writer is that unlike a writer, the great writer use to write even when he is sick, bored, stucked, stubborned, or facing difficulties either. He writes, as because he know he has to.

Practice, and practice a lot. Start with something you like to do, might it be sports, games, movies and start writing an essay of 300 words on it. And the day next to it, have a target to write 500 words.

Day-by-day, lengthen the word count and see the magic.

(In case, if you want you can take you time. Or take a week either, bookmark this page and come back again and read on the next points to master over writing).
Pick a topic, and go with it:

You may be aware of, Great writers used to catch-up any topic and write fluently.

But, don’t you want to know how?

As of now, after you’ve strategically mastered over writing a lengthy it’s time to proceed with various topic.

For instance, if you’re writing on a blog which covers topics related to blogging then start writing off: What blogging is, followed by Why you should blog, and then What are the advantages of blogging.

Go with a step, don’t just overhaul in the beginning. The more you write, the better it is.

I believe, it’s really a time consuming job to deal with, yet if you’re really having a desire of kicking off the frustration of blogging then you must opt for it.

Apart, by being a writer you should just not write same topic every time. Try extending your views, read novels, books, and immensely boost your knowledge.

A great writer should be able to cover up any topic, and for so you require gaining more knowledge which can be filled up by reading various topic and not by just sticking onto something for long.
Don’t Wait, Just Do It:

I’ve seen in many cases, including mine, that we’re all stucked and perhaps have no intention to write.

It’s insane.

And perhaps, the biggest sin we do often commit, as a writer, is we just wait for a time to come.

Let it be ________ day, and I’d write a brainstorming article.

Doesn’t it sound much familiar?

Well, that’s same in most of our cases.

But, are you really aware of when the time will come actually?

You would keep waiting for a right time to set up your hands and until that time you’d have finish off your creativity to write.

And after the days, when you sit to write. You’d find you’re totally in a new world.

“What am I writing”, “Duh, nothing seems interesting”, “Aww, I’m stucked”.

Certainly, you’d pronounce the words above.

Don’t wait, just go and kick-it off.
It isn’t me, it’s you who’d.

If you think, it’s me who is going to teach you being a great writer then you’re wrong.

It isn’t me, it’s you who’d.

And that’s what I actually meant to say.

There’s a significant difference between being a writer, and a great writer.

And perhaps, I’d given you a just a margin which would help you shaping your blank copy correctly.

Practice is the one which would help you being a great writer and perhaps, if you follow what I’ve meant over this article then I’m really confident you’d make of it.
Have you too got stuck’ed in blogging? And how you’ve tackled it?

(Share your story, through comments).

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