How To Drive More Blog Audience and Convert Them

How To Drive More Blog Audience and Convert Them

Hours You spent, you learned and gathered all the information you can. You’re super active reader of a popular blog, and you actually learn everything, damn hard…..and,

the result – Bull Shit.

You go on reading, and reading. And finally, you’re stucked. No results came, whatever you’ve read they’re simply waste.

Now you think “They’re big guys and it’s possible with them only”, and you’re slaughtered.

That shitty graph doesn’t increases only, although with your efforts you published a heap of article. Alas, that metric stays the same.

Calm, I know that feeling and even I was pissed off with my blog and was almost overwhelmed that made me to stop blogging for a while and that’s really insane.

I know, blogging is time consuming but then and there it should have limit – duh – even then after a lot of efforts why can’t you. Why can’t’ you drive audiences, why can’t you engage them. Is there something missing?

Yes, there it is.

There’s a mistake, crucial, and have ruined your blog’s future. With it, neither you’re going to get audiences, nor you’re going to gain authority.

The thing is – you’ve not been told the ‘actual’ tactic of driving more traffic.

Do you think: Marketers who owns their blog will ever share their stratagem to you – for free? Or is it that they want to keep that secret for himself – selfishly.

Why Your Blog Audiences are Gem – That should be kept safe?

I know, you want fantastic traffic. Not those crappy ordinary visitors who come to your blog and leave immediately.

Increasing your bounce rate, and a shit on your head – that’s all.

On contrary,  those specified fantastic traffic come to your blog, read your articles, and even share it with their circle – and that what you want – long term audiences.

Don’t think – ever – your blog audiences does not worth off. Rather, they’re the gem which should be kept safely.


As because they’re the one who’s behind your blog success. The more audiences you’ve, the more expose you get. The more expose you get, the more authoritative you are. In short-

More Blog Audiences + Great Contents = $$$$

So, would you still think “You blog audiences aren’t worthy?”

You can share your views through comment to let me know too what you think about 😀

Why ain’t you’re able to drive more audiences?

I know, you’re trying your best to improve your conversation with you and your audiences. Even you’re trying your damn hard to bring more audiences to your blog.

At the beginning, you might have thought off – “Yeah, let me get started – I’ll rock.”

And what happened instead right working after few weeks?

No Traffic, No Audiences, No Comments, No Shares.

Sahara Desert, where you’re the only one who’s walking around to find a path where there’s million who’ve already got to their destination.

But is it you, your fault?

No. It isn’t because of you. You know, those famous bloggers like Daniel Scocco, Jon Morrow, Imran Uddin, Harleena Singh, Adam Connell, Elizabeth Mcgee, etc. didn’t get their popularity overnight. They’ve given their best efforts and likely it’s not their a day effort but to reach where they’re now they’ve spent years to learn the real stratagem behind a successful website.

So, if you’re looking for overnight success – I wonder this article isn’t for you. Perhaps, if you’re one of those who want to work hard and give their best efforts in gaining more audiences then I’m really excited to tell that – It’s for you. Read ahead.

Flood Your Site With Free Traffic

#1- Know Your Audiences, Who’re They and What They Want:

The first step to drive more audiences is to know who’re your audiences.

You are publishing articles without knowing who’re the actual audiences, so do you think your Blog could have enough potential to engage them?

Like the following –

QuickSprout of Neil Patel’s audience are mainly Entrepreneurs and Marketers.

BacklinkO of Brian Dean’s audience are mainly SEOs.

CopyBlogger of Brain Clark ‘s audience are mainly writers.

…and the list goes on.

And can you determine the fact why these bloggers are on the real height of success?

As because they know for whom they’re blogging for, and whom they want to reach.

The best way to know your audiences are by surveying them. You can do so by the following tools-

1. SurveyMonkey: You can add about 10 questions and can get 100 responses on the free survey.

2. Zoomerang: Same alike of SurveyMonkey but provides somewhat effective service.

3. Google Forms: A free service to survey your readers which automatically includes the response in spreadsheet.

4. SurveyGizmo: Provides free as well as low-budget monthly fee for advance features.

#2- Joining Communities – Proven Way:

If you ask me what’s the best way to get our blog exposed to more audiences – who’re likely to return again – I’d suggest you joining communities of your blog niche.

Don’t you want to ask me why?

It’s because, I myself had improved my blog audiences scale by joining communities that are based specifically to my blog niche and perhaps I’ve improved my returning visitors crucially improving my bounce rate too – that’s epic.

What I’ve done is – I’ve joined Kingged, a blogging community, and be active over there. The result –

1. Improvement in traffic.

2. Improvement in engagement.

3. Improvement in conversation.


Joining communities isn’t just the method, rather you’re require being active in those communities – share each other’s post, comment on them, and engage with them. Don’t stuck just by reaching to people who’re belonging from your country rather go worldwide – connect with them and I’m sure you’d see a traffic improvement for sure – 100% proven.

To explore forms and communities you can use the following tactic –

[Your Niche] forum, and Google it. You’d get plenty of authority forms to join.

Try it.

#3- Explore Social Media, and Improve Your Communication:

Don’t ignore social media – if you’re doing so. They’re really powerful and have enough potential to give you a traffic boost – and it’s not Bull Shit.

Social Medias like Facebook,Twitter and pinterest receives over billion of visitors daily so think – If you can smarty promote your blog on these sites how much audiences you can grab?

But, the thing is –

1. Social Media is vast, and isn’t specified to audiences which are related to your blog niche.

2. Social Media can’t guarantee you definite results that you’ve thought about.

3. Social Media is great, but it would distract you (a lot).


1. Join communities, or groups that are specific to your blog niche.

2. It can’t guarantee, but if you’re smart enough and be engaged with people who’re on the same niche like your’s then you can get a lot of audiences (for sure).

3. Try avoiding being addicted to it, or it would destroy you.

No doubt social media is great, but mostly when you people in sake of exploring and getting new audiences get attached to it and it would be really difficult to kick-off the distraction.

The best way to devote and get maximum benefit is – spend a certain limited time on social media, make an editorial calendar and work on basis of that so that you don’t get addicted to it :)

What’s Your Excuse?

I believe, these 3 stratagem are powerful enough for you to drive more audiences for your blog – and I’m damn confident.


it’s really crucial for you to value your audiences and provide them with informative contents.

Never forget about them, and never stop caring about them as for them you’d succeed. Treat them like your student, and you’re the guru. Give them the best, and you’d get the best in return.

You’re a champ, and I know that. Follow the stratagem, and I’m sure you’d succeed.


Who your audiences are?
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