How To Drive 400,000 Organic Traffic in 20 Days?

Seems I have grab your attention towards this article. Well! do you know a tragically equation of getting organic traffic?. Gradually in the blog-sphere the best way to earn revenue is by getting organic traffic that aren’t paid for, i.e- Paid Visitors, bots, etc. Probably there are 100’s of way to drive traffic to your blog like Blog Commenting, Guest Posting in other blogs and many more.

Traffic is the backbone of your site, without traffic you may be not able to generate revenue and sell products whereas a blog which generates good amount of Organic Search Traffic are able to do more than that of others.

Now what the heck is Organic Traffic?

Well, if you are new then you might be thinking from the very beginning of the article that what the heck is organic traffic. The answer is:

The traffic which are driven from the search engines such as Google, Bing, etc are termed as Organic Traffic. Well in the blogging world, all you need is traffic so that you can stand in the crowd of over 100,000,000,000 bloggers.

How To Drive Organic Traffic?

Traffic is the main soul and now let us move forward and learn some of the MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS to DRIVE ORGANIC TRAFFIC to YOUR BLOG.

Write Quality Contents

Well to say at this moment, QUALITY (in the content) is the KING. No matter how big your article is, if you are able to write and describe a 1000 words article in 200 words then it’s good only. But don’t forget it’s quality. Suppose for instance, when a person is getting referred to your site through search engines then they will read your article and luckily if they like your blog then they would explore further. Later the would be your fan and you can covert them into Clients/Customers.

Always remember: While writing an article don’t think of SEO and keywords. Just keep on writing. Deliver the best content of all. A great formula “Make Your Readers Happy then Google Will Be Happy”


Proper Search Engine Optimization

In order to drive Organic traffic all you need is Proper Search Engine Optimization. Frankly speaking there is no definite dos and not of search engine optimization (short form SEO). As the search engine algorithms are constantly evolving and getting more viral day by day, changing SEO style is  necessary. But through you should do the basic optimization which is On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

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Also remember to do the following things (NECESSARY):

1. Keyword Optimization.

2. Meta Tags.

3. Backlink (Link Building Strategies).

4. Sitemap.

5. Google Authorship (Very Important).

6. Site Layout

7. Site Speed.

Also remember to keep the keyword density by 1-2%. If by-chance or mistakenly it overwhelmed by 3-4% then you would led to Penguin Penalization.

Posting Frequency

A blog which gets updated frequently are liked by the search engines especially Google. Suppose if you publish 2-4 posts daily on your blog then your blog will reach the sky. Whereas if you are not able to post daily or not getting time then search engines bot may stop crawling your site. I know that it’s bit tough to maintain blog frequency but through its important to get high rank in search engines.


Link Building

Link building is the most important part of SEO. Google just loves the blog/sites which has quality backlinks pointed towards their site and hate the sites which has irrelevant backlinks. It’s really important in order to get organic traffic and too to make money online.

Obviously building natural links is quite tough to deal with but through if you have Good Content, Effective Promotion then you would surely rock the floor. Well, don’t get into the trap of the sites.
Let me tell you one thing. Have you ever found these kinds of advertisement:

1. Build 20,000 Natural Backlinks for $5.

2. Build 10,000 Wiki Links For $10

3. Build Over 100,000 Link at a Cheap Rate.

You might have seen these kinds of ads over the internet. And I am too sure that you have clicked them once in your life or may be even twice. But Here It went OOPS!.

But why? If you are blogging from few months/years then you may already know about Google Updates/Algorithms. And you may also have heard about Penguin Penalization.

If you buy links from other sites which also known as Paid Links then you are just 1 step away to get a Penguin Slap. Little rude but true. Never buy links form anyone, whether it’s of $1 or $100. It’s too harmful for your blog.

Get Traffic Revisit

Getting traffic from search engines, social medias and other forums, etc is really really good thing. Probably you may be receiving 10,000 of traffic but 1 min. Among those 10,000 how many revisited your site?

Have you ever thought of that?  Oops! I think I have made you little tensed. Well, don’t get worried about that. Just a little strategy can give a great change. The main factor to get traffic revisit is by making your blog useful for your readers and visitors. Write eye catchy headings to attract readers and give the best details you can. After few days see your analytic and I am sure you would rock.

Social Media Promotion

Now-a-days search engines such as Google are basically giving a site it’s rank by checking it’s social authority. Didn’t understand what I told? Social media recommendation is the best way to drive quality traffic and also to sell products as the peoples only trust when his/her friends recommend that things to them.

It’s necessary to offer a varieties of options for your readers to promote your blog in the social media. Search engines analyze a site’s social authority and give them higher position in the SERP. A site which has the higher amount of social shares (+1’s, Shares, Likes, Retweets, etc) get higher ranking. So in order to get effective amount of traffic you need to promote your blog on social medias.

Don’t Use Any Unethical Strategies

Peoples use to use the unethical strategies such as link farm, mass article spinner, etc to rank higher in the search engines. But they are forgetting that compared to the ethical strategies the unethical strategies are of no use. Well they can give a temporary ranking by using fake methods but can give you long lasting rule in the search engines by using proper and genuine methods.

Confusion? here I have mean the black hat strategy and white hat strategy. Black hat strategies are hated by Google and other search engines whereas white hat strategies are loved by them. Don’t get into the crap of anyone. Just you stay in your track and everything will be fine.

Rocket Science of SEO

Well, to be frank with you. There are probably no rocket science of SEO and driving traffic. All you need is proper optimization and proper contents. Blogging has a long way and you can only survive it when you are good to all. Give proper credits to the real authors, write good contents, promote, share, and engage with other geeks. Will be back after a short trip.

Having any Problem? Then no worries, I am there to help you. Just leave a comment below and I would give you a SUPER FAST SOLUTION.

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