Drive Steady Traffic Using 3 Bullet Proof Tactics

Driving Traffic to your blog might be back-breaking – at-the-same time it’s really hard to drive steady traffic to your blog!

You might have noticed in your analytics (today, or yesterday) that after more than a few configuration or say promoting an article you’ve got a decent amount of visitor i.e. quite higher than regular such as from 2000, you got 3000.

So, if you monitor your stats through Google Analytics, then you might have found it to be going higher but on the next day due to inactivity or not effectively promoting it went down – It’s hilarious.

Apart, I’ve got the idea of writing this article from my very own stats that unfortunately went down little but it’s okay, you know why. I was in a vacation which extended long due to an incident that happened with my young cousin – but when I was back I’ve noticed that although being off for about 16 days the traffic stat is looking normal and with a flow – Yes, it’s true.

People, mainly advertisers, concern the website traffic to be the most important element of a site – yes, it is. And too it’s time-consuming as because other than niche site, it’s not possible driving ton(s) of visitor overnight. So, it’s really a tough challenge to deal with – mainly if it is a new blog.

Moreover, you must be knowing that you aren’t the one who is fighting to conquer over the search results – but other million of bloggers too on the track. The one who survive, ultimately wins.

You should know that building up a successful blog isn’t a one-night game, it takes time, work, and patience. When you ask any blogger about their success, you could have got only one answer – Hard-work, and it’s damn true.

Cheer up, as you’re reading this article – I’d be leading you with certain tactics through which you can drive steady traffic to your blog. Read ahead –

How Niche Site’s Get Overnight Success?

This question might have arise in your mind that- “how the niche sites get thousand of visitors overnight”, and I’m quite sure you are really excited to know about the silent secret that most of the blogger doesn’t reveal.

1. Niche blog(s) is been focused on a particular topic which mainly consists only interest-based visitor from search engine.

2. Niche blog(s) is been targeted with high CPC keywords which help the blogger to earn 10 times (or more) than regular earning.

3. Niche blog(s) isn’t been focused in driving traffic from social media where it’s crowded with various mind-like people i.e. when a person promote a blog post on social media for example Facebook, then he can’t be 100% sure that will it  be viewed by only targeted audiences or person who isn’t interested only to see the post.

4. Niche blog(s) doesn’t have restriction (if it is event-based i.e. a short term) for using or not using black-hat techniques to build links and rank easily.

5. Niche blog(s) isn’t required to be managed for years, unlike the common blogs.

Drive Steady Traffic with 3 Tactics:

Target only Interest-Based Users:

To be frank, it’s funny to see people who are blogging about pets promoting their article on group which is related to sports.

What is the result of it?

No clicks, just a spam.

Most of us (even, I’ve done so) confuses in targeting audiences which are interested in your content, want to read it, and have motive to share it. You might have noticed blogs like Quick Sprout, Moz, Smashing Magazine have thousand(s) of shares as because they’r been targeting the audiences that is interested in their blog – through analysis.

Always remember promoting articles on the group who’r having high volume of members/people joined (who are mostly active over there) and is related to your niche. Which you bookmark, always remember to save it in the specific and targeted category in order to get maximum benefit out of it. While you build backlinks, remember building links on site which are belonging to your blog category, and I’m quite sure you can enrich your blog with targeted audiences.

Try Keeping Your Site Up-To-Date:

Compared to the site which are less active, the opposite get high volume of readers and visitors. Guess why?

Nobody likes to taste food which are made two day ago or so, nor even I 😛

And when it comes about blogging, it’s too the same case. People who have noticed a published article once and on re-visit he/she views the same article left over thinks that the site isn’t active anymore – as a result, it looses it’s visitors.

Although, I’v not lost much of my traffic since I was in a vacation (of 16 days) it might affect my readership as because people like you, me, isn’t likely interested in reading same article again and again. So, it’s essential to be active and updating your blog with fresh contents in order to have maximum traffic as possible.

I remember, once I’ve read an article in Quick Sprout’s blog about how Neil grown his traffic to 100,000/month within 1.5 years. There I’ve saw that just by being active than usual i.e. from 2 piece of content a week to 5 content he grown his traffic from 100,000 to 500,000+ per month. Similarly, if you are super-active with your blog you can notice a significant change in your site traffic metrics.

Awesome it is, when you are unique:

Last but not the least, in case if you forgot let me tell you – whatever and whenever you opt for blogging content which is unique plays the most important role if you want to be successful in it.

I’d suggest you, never try to copy anyone, be genuine, unique, and sweet – you can easily get your content viral.

Whenever you write, write from your heart. Whenever you write, write in such a way to give your readers the best experience of their blogging journey. Write in such a way, that readers take an immediate action right after reading your blog post. Write in such a way that makes them feel happy and motivated. Write, to inspire.

In conclusion, I’d say-

To drive steady traffic, there’s no rocket-science.

But it’s really good to follow the consciences.

Be unique, be creative, and be confident on whatever you do or want to do – the world is yours. Never fear of criticism as because people are waiting to get a chance to dominate over you emotionally which mostly led to destruction of your blogging future. Listen to your heart, and everything will go fine.

Now let me know, what you use to drive steady traffic – through a comment.

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