Discover Some Great Strategy To Make Money Blogging

Have you ever thought that you have enough confidence and conscience to make thousand of dollars right from your home?. Let’s reveal a great secret about how to make money blogging.

Preceding article I have dispense a shocking truth about why you can never make money blogging, you might have got little frustrated by reading those secrets. And too as I have shared some great strategies by which you can overhaul those situation and be the next the next pro blogger over the sphere.

It’s question time! so now let me ask you a question, do you want to make money blogging? If so then you are not alone in the way. More and more peoples I mean bloggers are finding new and profitable ways to generate few extra dollars a week to feed their bills and some also coming in the way of full time blogging to overcome the 9-5 jobs.

Make Money Blogging

Thus far I told you there are ten of thousand bloggers who are not able to earn even a cent from their blog whereas only a few who are able to generate a profitable income. In this article I would be guiding you through an interesting facts of make money blogging in order to make you capable to generate few extra dollars in your pocket.

It doesn’t matter what you are, a part time blogger or a full time blogger. But for your gratification let me tell you that there is no difference between them but just a little strategy can help you to make money blogging :).

 Below are some surefire ways by which you can make money online:

1.  Showcase Your Earning:

In order to build trust in the eyes of your readers what is the most successful way is to showcase your earning in your blog to proof that you are really capable to teach them. People will brag you around to know what the secrets is actually. 

People want proof and the more proof you give them the more trust you will gain from there. They will be thinking you extra ordinary and may also pay you for those strategies. And let me reveal a secret, these kind of articles in money niche blogs are really a key to success. 

2. Affiliate Marketing in Smarter Way:

You might already got round up with affiliate marketing by surfing to over hundred of article regarding make money blogging. But have you ever met with this point? Affiliate marketing in smarter way?
Might not but let me reveal another great secret to you. Till yet, you might have promoted the affiliate of hosting companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. But tell me frankly have you ever generated enough money with it? Yes, there might be any one time kill with these but are you getting good amount of dollar from it?. 

There are few affiliate sites such as ClickBank which allows you to choose ads related to your own niche. And too most important and quite impressive thing is that you can choose any ads which has higher amount of affiliate commission. 

3. Build Up Your Own Legacy:

As on the 1st point I have told you to showcase your online earning, in this point I would be telling you how you can build up your own online reputation so that you could gain more trust.

1. Use a Professional and Branded Theme which is suitable for your niche.

2. Use a Great, Professional and a meaningful Logo.

3. Giveaway 80% of knowledge what you know and rest 20% you share in Consultancy and other services.

4. Learn to share both good and the bad.

5. Have confidence upon yourself to win over others heart. 


4. Learn to accept Criticisms:

Blogging might not be so familiar with your family, friends and your relatives. Learning to accept criticisms is really an important factor to rule over the bad to be successful. There might probably 1% or may be not pro bloggers who haven’t faced criticism. 

Interview or read other professional bloggers interview and you could learn how they have faced the challenges and how they tackle over them. Hard work is the key to success and you could only succeed when you have faith in you and your talent. Let other says, don’t worry about them. Later you can say “You are a blogger who helps million of people to build the internet”. 

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5. Don’t get attracted towards the strings:

There are thousand of website, online companies who promises that they would help you to make over $1000 overnight. And probably 98% people get attract towards those string. 

Those are FAKE and doesn’t help you to make even a single dollar. In conclusion I would tell you that this article was to teach you a lesson of what you would be facing after 4-7 months of blogging and about how you can gain victory over them. There is no rocket science to make money blogging yet, if you have believe in yourself then nothing is impossible. 

Don’t take me wrong here. I don’t claim that I am a six-figure marketer but even so I am able to generate enough money to support my family member and do my desired things online.
In the upcoming article I would share more detailed article to make big sales by blogging. Stay tuned with me. 

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