Youtube Topic Ideas For Vloggers

Youtube topic ideas

During this Quarantine times, all the YouTubers are worried about their content, that what type of content we should create while staying home.

So, in this content I am going to unpack some topics which would be going to very convenient for you guys.

Before these quarantine days which type of contents the vloggers created. Like reviewing products, solo ride trips, moto vlogging, travel vlogging, and lifestyle vlogging. But you all guys have to do something different from previous content.

So, being a YouTuber this is your responsibility to guide your audience in any way. Spread some positive content even I have some friends they use YouTube, some people doing as a hobby whether some as doing with professionalism.

Before I get into that, I want you to ask yourself a question that you're doing youtube as a hobby either doing as a profession. Because it matters a lot for your growth. There are some hidden things that some of the YouTubers don't really know about it.

Let's dig into the process and reveal you some growth tips for youtube just staying at home. First just think about that in what type of contents you're actually interested in. And write down in your diary, and then after that write some questions related to those contents. Let me give you an example so, you're interested in vlogging to make a few questions related to vlogging like, "why I started vlogging?" "What equipments are essential for vlogging?

So, you have now two topics. I am sure that you guys get it, what I want to explain to you.

So, here are some YouTube content topics for your vlogging channel.

1- Why I started vlogging?

Just disclose this fact to the audience very freely, because you don't know you can motivate and inspire someone to start their career as a youtube.

2- My routine from morning to evening

You can tell your whole daily routine in your vlog, and I think there will be a lot of curious things in your life to tell your subscribers.

3- Which laptop do you use for editing?

Tell that which laptop do you use for your editing, and give the whole review with a good brief description.

4- Which camera do you use?

There are so many people who always wanted to know which camera do you actually using for your vlogs. So, give the whole brief description of your camera.

5- Describe any topic or concept

In any topic that you are certainly good and expert so, in order to make things consistent, you can make a video on this topic.

6- Career choosing tips/advice

In this difficult era there are so many kids and teens are confused about their. So, with all sincerity make a career choosing vlog and describe everything very politely. And, make sure that no negativity will pass through your vlog. Because this gonna be the most important vlog, if you see fundamentally.

7- Talk about your previous trips

Tell about your previous trips to your audience, reveal something curious that they always wanted to know like what budget this trip took, what type of problems you faced in that trip.

8- Try something new to cook

This is gonna be the most interesting topic for your audiences. Try something to cook and make vlog of it. And while making the video tell all the ingredients that you used.

9- 10 best Ted talks to watch

Ted talk recommendation possibly will be the most important vlog for your subscribers. Tell me what you will going to learn after watching these ted talks. 

10- Relationship advice

If you're good in a relationship either your relationship has been very old like 5-6 years old then thoroughly you will give some advice like what to do and what not, in relationships. Which factors make the relationship strong and which factors will lead to break up.

11- My playlist

Show your playlist that which songs you used to listen to. There are some people who always curious to know everything about yourself.

12- How to start vlogging?

There are so many people who make several mistakes at the initial stage. So, you can help so many individuals with this vlog. Like you can recommend some basic essential tools to other beginner vloggers.

13- How you met your best friend?

This is the fact that everyone wants to know and this will gonna be the most interesting video. Tell that where you met him/her and how many fights that you had.

14- How we met?

You can tell a few things about your relationship that how you met, where you met, first date, first birthday after relationship. 

15- Answer the questions of your audience

In YouTube channels I have seen that there are so many peoples who usually ask a lot of questions from their idols. So, if you can answer all questions then it may take up to 12 minutes. So, this content is also very convenient for your audiences.

16- From which sources you gain knowledge

Reveal this fact to your audience because this would be the most interesting vlog to audiences. Everyone is curious to gain knowledge in this world especially from digital platforms.

17- what's on my cellphone?

This can also be a good vlog for your channel. You can tell which application you use in a random manner.

18- Convenient apps for IOS

You can tell some applications that you use for yourself. And you can recommend these useful apps to your audience. Thus, it's a bit convenient for audiences.

19- Convenient apps for Android.

If you're an Android user then there are so many helpful apps to use and you can convey this information with your vlogs to your audience. 

20- Video editing tips 

There are a bunch of people's used to think that video editing is very difficult but you can ruin this fact which is actually running in their mind. And they can master their skills of video editing by your help so, they will gonna become your unique audience.

21- Talk about your goals

Reveal your goals in your vlog because there are so many of your subscribers want to know your goal.
Tell them where you want to go, where you want to travel. And maybe it would helpful for them to find their own ambitions.

22- My favorite sport

This is one of the best vlog title for your channel. Describe your favorite sport and encourage the audiences to do the same as well and it doesn't matter in which sport they are interested in. 
But tell them to don't leave the sport.

23- Vloggers I follow

Tell them that how many vloggers you follow. And what you've learned from them, this will be the most curious video for your audiences. And tell them to follow those vloggers too.

24- Books I read

Books are very good sources of knowledge, if you read books then recommend those books to your audiences. And give a brief overview of the books and tell them why they have to read.

25- Review of my bike/Scooter

If you are a moto vlogger then it would be great content for your channel. And if you aren't moto vlogger then no need of worry you can review of your vehicle.

Hopefully these topics are helpful for you, if these are helpful then go and make Vlogs on it. And one more thing I want to tell you guys if any of your videos getting very large in duration then please divide that video in parts. All game is content so play it wisely.

Here you go I have provided 25 vlog topics which are best in my opinion. Because you can easily create Vlogs on these topics just staying at home. 

I hope you guys have found some inspiration from this content. If you did then convey this to your friends.

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