10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online And Passive Income Ideas.

passive income ideas

You probably searched on google for "how to make money online without paying anything" or "creative ways to make money" so you are in the right place. Here in this article, I'm going to tell you 10 legit ways to make money from home.

On the internet there are actually two different ways to make money, the first way is what's called an active income, now active income is like going to a 9-to-5 job you have to physically show up you have to physically do manual work to actually earn that income and if you're not actively doing it you're not actively earning it.

The second way is what's called passive income now few people have said that passive income doesn't exist, But I'm actually gonna prove to you in this article that it does.

Passive income is what you earn without doing any additional work. Now the question is does it take work to set up passive income streams?
And the answer is of course it does, but the cool thing about passive income is you only have to set those up once and you can continue to earn passive income for many months or even years to come.

So in this article, we're gonna see the best ways to make money online we're going to be counting down from 10 all the way down to the number 1 the best way to earn passive income this year in 2020.

10.Social Media Marketing(SMM):

SMM is called Social Media Marketing. Because many businesses nowadays don't understand that they need to be advertising on social media and on digital media to have a chance of actually competing with their competitors and to really evolve into the digital age.

And why that's important for you is, you can learn basic strategies to make ads that take 5 minutes to set up and that's very valuable to businesses out there like doctors, dentists, lawyers, real estate agents, insurance agents. Who have no idea how to even set up basic ads on Facebook or on Google.

So what you do is you become the bridge between these old-school businesses who have no idea how to set up digital media. "YOU" even with a basic understanding that you can learn from Google or YouTube can actually become very valuable helping those businesses start running some simple Facebook or Google ads.


Now, if you're using the internet you surely have watched videos on Youtube. The cool thing about YouTube is, maybe what you might have thought that I can't do YouTube or if I did I don't know what I would make youtube videos about.

Because that's such a hard question for most people to answer, that means that there's a lot less competition most people aren't willing to actually get on a camera because most people aren't
willing to do that if you are willing to do that you already have a huge advantage over most people. And the thing is everyone has different interests and that's why there are so many different YouTube channels out there, there are YouTube channels about fishing, about cooking, about making money online, about pranks, about everything that you could think about there's a youtube channel out there.
Here are 15 profitable youtube channel ideas that might help you.

So you don't have to actually start from scratch, you can see what's already popular YouTube shows. What videos have the most views in the shortest time and then you can actually just find your passion and make similar videos with similar titles and similar thumbnails.

And once you actually get 4000 watch hours which is very easy to do in a short period of time and a thousand(1000) subscribers then you can actually start to monetize your YouTube channel and get paid for every single ad that somebody views on your channel. But once you have a youtube channel, you can make money in so many other ways selling merchandise, affiliate marketing with your own products, or services, e-commerce once you have a youtube channel that you're consistent with and you consistently put out content with regardless of how slow or fast it may take you to get to that thousand if you are consistent you will start to make a significant amount of money with a YouTube channel.


A lot of people don't know this but there's actually a significant number of ways that you can make money on Amazon. You can do it by publishing a simple Kindle eBook, I know a lot of friends who actually make thousands of dollars a month passively by identifying niches on the Kindle marketplace that have more demand than they have supply, and then they write a short and simple concise kindle ebook and they can actually capitalize on that by selling it for 5 or 10 dollars.

But once you actually start to get 50 or 100 sales a month, right then you can make a significant amount of passive income with no additional work but it's not just the Kindle Store there are so many different ways to make money on Amazon, with Amazon wholesale, with (FBA) fulfillment by Amazon, creating your own private label brand you can make money through what's called the Amazon Associates Program which is the largest affiliate program in the entire world.

You could go onto YouTube right now and type in the top 10 best DSLR cameras and you'll see hundreds of videos and you might ask yourself why are these people making all these top 10 videos, about the top 10 drones and the top as cameras and the top 10 best anything. The reason is that they're doing this because they're actually linking their affiliate links before the best cameras or the best drones or the best electronics and then every time somebody watches that YouTube video clicks one of their links Amazon will actually give them 3% to 15% of each of those sales which means that they can start to generate a significant amount of money if you actually look and see that some of the videos have hundreds of thousands if not millions of targeted views.


Now if you don't know what Clickbank is it's one of the largest affiliate networks in the world. What this means is there are thousands of people out there who actually put their products or service or course on to Clickbank and then affiliate marketers will actually promote to those courses and then they get paid every single time somebody makes a sale.

So the cool thing about Clickbank is you can actually see what products are the best selling, you can see exactly how much each sale will generate. "You" as an affiliate marketer and then you can start to actually market to these products using Facebook ads or Google Ads or doing it in a free way by creating Instagram pages or making YouTube videos about this.

And the cool thing is you don't have to make the product you don't have to make the landing page all you have to do is just drive traffic to a proven product that you know is already selling really well because if it wasn't it wouldn't be on the Clickbank top 100 list.


If you've never heard about it, Udemy is one of the largest digital course marketplaces in the entire world. They have courses about everything, about coding, about how to speak a new language, about Amazon about everything that you could possibly think of there's a course for it. These people are making a significant amount of money, we actually did some research and as a result, these people who's courses are on Udemy has made thousands and thousands of dollars and has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars through affiliate commissions.

That a lot of people don't realize is, you get paid for the course itself but you can also include affiliate links to other products or services or software that you use in your Udemy course and you can often times get paid more from affiliate commissions, if you're actually affiliating the right software.

The cool part about Udemy is, it's basically free traffic that people can come find you and so you can create free udemy courses and then drove people to your Facebook groups, drove people to your email list, to your messenger bot, to all the different communication mediums and these are targeted buyers so even though they're getting a course for free you're getting affiliate Commission's on the software that you show in the course.

So you can create a course and not even charge for it and make a significant amount of money if you're actually doing it with affiliate marketing and in an intelligent way from the start.

5.English tutor:

If you actually go out and Google search how to make money as an English tutor, you'll see so many different websites out there where you can earn 18 to 20 dollars per hour simply to actually tutor English.

 If you speak English or if you were born in a country that speaks English as its first language you already have a very valuable skill that thousands if not millions and millions of people from around the world are actually willing to pay for.

As you get better at actually tutoring English you'll start to earn more you'll get more opportunities sometimes you can actually have private lessons with a single person who will pay you significantly more than kind of the base rate and that's how you can really start to make a significant amount of money from being an English tutor online.


I have a lot of friends who actually do Rover just because they love actually doing it. What Rover is? You actually take care of people's dogs while they go on vacation or work trip or whatever because a lot of people don't want to take their dogs to more expensive kennels where their dog is just with a bunch of other dogs and not necessarily treated that well, they'd rather take it to a specific person who loves dog and still to this day.

I have friends who do Rover and make an extra you know a hundred bucks 200 bucks just to babysit awesome fun cute cuddly dogs for a night and I would honestly do that for free in most cases, unfortunately, Rover is only available in the US and in Canada for now but I'm sure it will start to expand into other countries very shortly and who knows maybe if you are in another country they already have a service just like Rover or if they don't, it might be a good opportunity for you to go out and create.

3. Take Lessons

Take lessons as a website where you can give lessons to people about what you know "how to do" if you know how to play a musical instrument if you know how to do math really well, if you know a lot about geography or English or any number of things you can get paid to tutor people in the skill sets that you personally have.

2.Online flipping

Online flipping is a really good way to start making money with zero money to start and how this works is you go on websites like Craigslist and filter to the free section, or Facebook marketplace you can do the same thing, or offer up, or let go, and you find highly valuable items like appliances or sporting equipment or things that you know you can actually sell and then you take better pictures and you relist those same products that you actually got for free for 40 bucks 50 bucks or 100 bucks.

You can also list them on sites like eBay and Etsy and Amazon and sell them. You can start to earn a significant amount of money doing that because the thing is if you get those products for free when people are like moving and just want to get rid of their stuff if you sell it for anything then it's a hundred percent profit and once you actually start making money like that and you can reinvest into more full-time income streams like you know Amazon or social media marketing or something that you can really scale from your computer at home.

1.Upwork and Fiverr:

Best way to make passive income online is Upwork and Fiverr and the reason I say this and I know these are probably mentioned in a lot of articles or videos is you can literally do anything you can sign up as a virtual assistant or a secretary or an executive assistant and you can just do customer service or whatever the person who actually hires you needs you to do.

If you're an enterprising individual you can start to make money literally from your house as soon as today just by offering your services as a virtual assistant or if you have more specialized skills like a software developer or you can create websites or you know any number of things you can create a gig on Fiverr or you can list those skills on Upwork and you can start to actually become what's called a freelancer where you're able to work from home do the things that you want to do and have more financial and time freedom in your life.

So, we have seen 10 ways to make money online. There are more ways which I will cover in upcoming articles so guys stay tuned and remember "things take time" nobody becomes master or successful overnight, it depends upon how much effort you put to make things happen.

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